The Flame of Fury of Women and its Reflection on People’s Struggles!

We are approaching 8 March the International Women’s Day as we can see how the advanced women in Afghanistan are courageously fighting Taliban one of the most brutal and anti-women regimes in the world. The Women who strongly stated that they “don’t recognize the Taliban regime”, “won’t step backward” and they “don’t tolerate compulsory Hijab” and “won’t give in to subjugation of women”. The women with their heads-up are standing to Taliban regime, the regime that was presented by the US imperialists and the regional reactionaries. The women who are aware that the oppressed people of Afghanistan are struggling with unemployment, poverty and hunger. They have rightly put forward the demands such as “Bread Job Freedom” and have undertaken a vanguard role in the struggle against the Taliban.

The brave women in their struggles asserted that they will neither give in to Taliban and various kinds of Islamic fundamentalists, who are utterly anti-women, nor to their imperialists’ sponsors. The relentless struggle of women in Afghanistan against anti-woman Taliban has been inspiring the women all over the world.

In approaching 8th March the international women’s day we go to Iran where we can see the bare rebellious of women with their strong and numerous presence in the struggles.

The Islamic regime of Iran, in the last 43 years, has ceaselessly attempted to impose compulsory hijab by expanding anti-women laws, by spreading the culture that ‘women are the honour and the male pride and dignity of men’ by allocating enormous budget for controlling women in the society and increasingly limit the breathing space for them.  In this way they intend to normalise the subjugated position of women among the women themselves and the whole society. In the face of such situation the women started a powerful struggle against the compulsory hijab from the very first days of the Islamic rule, that its echo crossed the boarders as the women announced that they were not going to be deterred by such attacks and insults. The flag of struggle that women raised on 8th March 1979 against the Islamic regime and its compulsory hijab has been handed over to the new generation one after another and it has been hoisted all through these years.

We should bear in mind that the effects of increasing class gap such as unemployment, homelessness, absolute poverty, environmental destruction… are on the women’s shoulder in particular on women workers and toilers more than other strata. The women of the national minorities are also suffering from national oppression, as well as all these oppressions. The intermingling of the class and gender oppression on women in all through the years of the rule of Islamic regime has turned them into an exploding and highly furious force that is reflected by the quantity and quality of their participation in all the various uprising and struggles in the country. The advanced role of women in struggles has forced the Islamic regime to confess that the women will have a decisive role in their overthrow.

Although the struggle of women in Afghanistan and Iran is so remarkable but the organised activities of women is rare. To overthrow the dominant patriarchy and Islamic fundamentalists’ rule in both countries, it is not simple or easy. There is a need for the independent and revolutionary women’s mass organisations. There is a need for a liberation horizon. There is a need for millions of women to take part in this struggle.

We the women from Afghanistan and Iran hands in hand and with the international support and solidarity of women all over the world are determined to persist on our struggle fearlessly and consciously to realise the necessities for the emancipation and take the advantage of the international women’s day to make it a day to serve the realisation of these achievable aspirations.

Long Live 8 March, the day of unity and solidarity of women against a patriarchy system that rules the world.

8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

8 March 2022

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