Long live the first of May, the day of unity and solidarity of the workers of the world!
Women in the frontline of the struggle for liberation!
Stop executions in Iran!
The misogynistic Taliban and the waves of arresting women for refusing to wear compulsory hijab!
The fight against the violence on women is a common struggle of all women around the world!
One year after “Woman, Life, Freedom” uprising
No to execution! Stop executions in Iran!

These executions and the high security measures by the Islamic regime is aimed to display an atmosphere of repression and to display the killing machine in front of the desperate masses that, in the last eight months, mocked the death and stood up to a regime that is armed to the teeth. The people exposed the competence of this regime more than ever before.

Long live May 1st, Day of International Solidarity with the Workers!
Woman, Revolution, Liberation!
Womenʼs uprising against compulsory hijab, the most central state-organized violence in Iran!