On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Wome

Violence against Women in Afghanistan Is Violence against all Women in the World!


No need to wait for new statistics to come out in order to prove that the hatred for women and girls and the brutal suppression of women shapes the very heart of the Islamic Emirate of Taliban.  No need to wait for more dead body of our sisters to be found in order to say that empowering Taliban by the US imperialists and the reactionary state of Pakistan is a crime against the women and all the people of Afghanistan.

Women and the people of the world in the last few months since Taliban are in power have heard the reports of the brutal murder of the women activists and execution of women who have been caught in the streets without a mahram (a close male relative such as husband, father, brother or son) or have been wearing high hill shoes. There have been numerous reports of kidnapping the child girls for sex slavery, the murder of the women who have been active in different sphere of the society, banning the women from work and education and shutting the girl’s secondary schools, selling of 6 months to 10 years old girls because of hunger and poverty and so on. This is the situation that the US government and different internal and regional reactionaries have created for the women of Afghanistan by facilitating Taliban’s advance to power. There is a reason for that: these reactionary powers have a common interest in subjugating the women.      


That’s right there is no need to prove that the women and young girls are the main victim of the handing over the power to Taliban by the US imperialists. The women are the victim of the world capitalist- imperialist system. The system that for its interests and for ensuring the continuation of their oppressive and exploitive system have imposed a theocratic and rigorously anti-woman and anti-people rule of Taliban on Afghanistan. The Women and girls have to shoulder the main weight of anti-woman nature of this Islamic fundamentalists.  

But, we the women have been the vanguard of the struggle against the Taliban and so far we have been able to impose the reopening of some of the secondary girl schools in some cities on Taliban.

We women are determined to continue our struggle by relying on the experiences of the women’s struggle in a world scale and in particular the experience of women struggle in Iran.

Iranian women were the vanguard of the struggle against the Islamic regime of Iran the first of Taliban like regimes in the Middle East when the regime made the Hijab compulsory and they instituted the state organised violence against women. The struggle that continued and has developed generation after generation and has gained important achievements for the world’s women movement.

We believe that violence against women in Afghanistan, Iran and other parts of the world is not a subject for only one day a year. That is a reality of today’s world that 4 billion women are not safe from violence because violence against women is inseparable from a patriarchy system that is dominating the world.  


We consider ourselves as part of the world’s movement against violence and degradation of women and for very this reason are determined to stand against the visible and also invisible violence against women by Taliban.


We are determined along with the women all over the world to organise our struggle in a way that helps to fulfil the demand and aspiration of billions of women that is building and creating a society and a world in which there is no form of violence and sexual oppression in the mind and practice of any individual. Building a society and a world in which all women in a world scale at any age and in any situation whether in bedroom or office, in the farm or factory, in the school or university, in shopping centre or park, in the sport centre or conference room, in the real or virtual spaces is not faced with harassment, rape, murder, humiliation and despise or threatened with those violence, humiliations or fears.


8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

25th November 2021