Long live May 1st, Day of International Solidarity with the Workers!

The International Workers Day is on the horizon. The day when millions of workers all around the world leave the factories, sweatshops and fields, to show their glorious international solidarity by raising their mighty feasts. The glorious solidarity of struggles against capitalism, as a common enemy which rules the world.

The reality of todayʼs imperialist capitalism is the poverty imposed on the majority of the people in the world who are basically workers and the toiling people. According to published statistics, nearly one billion people are in absolute poverty and many more millions are waiting to join them. Afghanistan is a clear example of that, where majority of the people live in hunger particularly after Taliban were brought back to power by the American imperialists and their partners, and according to official statistics, at least 200 children die every day due to malnutrition, thousands of children in poor families, mostly female , are sold in the market for the survival of the other members of the family to men who are old enough to be their fathers and even grandfathers, for a very small amount. Meantime, tens of thousands of working women, who were mostly heads of their households, are not allowed to work and are sitting in the corners of their huts without any support in order to continue their lives. At the same time millions of Afghanistan workers are fleeing to different countries on the planet including Iran and are forced to do all kinds of hard and risky works and long hours for absolute minimum wage due to poverty!

International Workers Day this year is coinciding with a new wave of nationwide strikes of non-contract workers as well as oil and gas, petrochemical, steel and mining workers in Iran, which started on 21 of April and so far more than a hundred work places have joined these strikes. They are fighting for their rightful demands and these struggles are still continuing. These struggles are a further push in an atmosphere where the economic and political situation has reached to a critical point against the entire fascist capitalist system in Iran.

 It is an undeniable fact that under the regime of the Islamic Republic, all women are subjected to inferiority, but this inferiority is mostly imposed on the majority of women who are workers and toilers. Working women are oppressed more than men because of their class position as well as being a woman. By deepening of domination of the relationship between men and women by the Islamic Regime, where the ownership of the womanʼs body is at its centre, has created a condition to maintain and perpetuate the gap between working men and women, and on that basis violently exploiting working women. Women who have no rights to control their bodies and cannot even determine their own clothing can be more easily forced to unbearable super-exploitative work conditions and are also forced to accept extreme gender oppression in the factories, workshops, farms, service industries, and even at their homes.

We are celebrating the International Workersʼ Day in a situation where as a result of various struggles, especially the recent uprising in Iran, many progressive and positive transformation towards the future is taking place. The most important is the desire to overthrow the Islamic Regime which has become deep and widespread among the majority of the people, particularly among the toilers of the urban and rural areas. For this reason, all kinds of pro-imperialist activities have been intensified in order to divert peopleʼs struggles and minds and to prevent the continuation of the struggle in the path of real revolution and overthrowing of the system of oppression and exploitation of the Islamic Regime.

It is in the revolutionary response to the necessities of radical changes in Iranian society, we can defeat the various plans and programs of the imperialists and their supporters who want to maintain the ruling capitalist system in Iran and to advance the process of the revolutionary struggles to build a society without gender oppression, national oppression, as well as any kind of oppression against gender minorities and immigrant citizens and class exploitation!

8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

1 May 2023