Mahsa, your name has become our password, the password of fight against misogynistic regime!

Mahsa, your name has become a symbol for the women’s struggle against the compulsory hijab, the same hijab for which you were murdered!

Your name has fuelled the opening of the volcano of women’s anger and hatred against the entire anti-women system of the Islamic Republic, where now molten lava is violently erupting. Your name lives in our slogans ‘’ we are all Mahsa and we will not stop fighting’’ is resonating all the way from Kurdistan to Tehran and across the borders reaching the whole word!
Mahsa, you have not died, today your name has become a symbol of struggle of women of many generations waged against the mandatory hijab and all their anti-women laws for more than forty-three years.

Mahsa, the anger and the hatred created by your brutal murder has turned into a fight that has really incited fear and terror amongst their ruling criminal!

Islamic Regime of Iran murderers took Mahsa (Zhina) Amini is life within two hours of her arrest. They killed you because of hijab with the aim of sending a broader message to all women, especially young women whose numbers are increasing every day in breaking strict laws of compulsory hijab, that we will do to you what we did to Mahsa.

But the women’s response to the ruling misogynists where coming to the streets taking off their hijab collectively from Saqez and Sanandaj to Rasht, Isfanhan and Tehran, which in turn changed the scene of the struggle in the society with their heroic and irreconcilable struggles in the past few days.

Mahsa, your murder has a made a stark warning to all the people, especially men that the issue of compulsory hijab is not a matter for women only.

Your murder clearly demonstrated the reality of captivity of millions of women’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. Compulsory Hijab is the ideological flag of theocratic government and the fight against it is a fight against a criminal, fascist and anti-women regime that has drained the blood of half of the society in order to subjugate the society as a whole. Slogans such as ‘’ Death to the Islamic Regime’’, ‘’ I will kill to whoever killed my sister’’, ‘’ Death to tyranny, Hijab and guidance patrol’’, ‘’ The guidance patrol is an excuse, the main aim is the whole system’’, ‘’ This is our last message, we aim the whole system’’ and … Is to express the fact that the fight against the Compulsory Hijab means the fight against the entire regime whose Islamic symbol is the mandatory Hijab.

In the current situation where the anger, hatred from the entire ruling system of oppression and exploitations has turned in to a gunpowder depo, your brutal and cruel murder was like a thunder spark which caused the explosion of this depo. In the past few days by heightening the fears struggle against the regime in various cities the people have created heroic scenes specially by women who are confronting the repressive forces and forcing them to retreat and run away from the battle grounds.

This time, women in large numbers in their fight against removing Hijab and burning them as well as breaking the laws against women are not alone. Many men have joined them to continue this struggle. The spirit of defiance and being bold in front of the repressive forces has been one of the distinctive features of the struggles in the last few days.

Women are standing against the repressive forces without any fear in their eyes, bringing fresh air to the fighting spirit by chanting anti-regime slogans and inviting people to join the struggle. This offensive fighting spirit and uncompromising stance and persistence and continuation of the struggle has fuelled the seeds of hope, hope for the revolutionary overthrow of the regime, hope for fundamental changes, hope for a different future, a future that it is truly worthy of human’s life.

Mahsa, your name means life and it has given countless women and men a life full of hope and desire.

Today they are challenging the entire system of the Islamic Regime of Iran, your real murderers as well as thousands of others who have been murdered.

Mahsa, the struggle of these days has clearly shown that people all over Iran are crying out for justice including your brutal murderers and for the entire society.

8 March Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan)

20 September 2022