On the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Massacre of Political Prisoners

On the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Massacre of Political Prisoners

Renewing the allegiance with a generation that gave their lives but didn't surrender is possible only through the revolutionary overthrow of the criminal system of the Islamic Republic.

30 years have passed. Thirty years since the massacre of thousands of political prisoners by the thugs of the reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic, in less than two months. Iran's wounded people neither forget nor forgive the crimes of the 80's and the massacre of the summer 88. Although Iran’s government, tried to bury the loyalty and resistance to the aspirations of young people who sacrificed their lives to eliminate all oppression and exploitation by executing and burying the best children of this land in anonymous mass graves. Although, in recent years and months those nameless graves have been destroyed and degraded in different ways, nationwide and in a systematic act in many cities in an attempt to clean up its crimes and pretend it never happened. But in order to achieve the truth their memory will always be a portrayal, a model and a motivation for the continuation of the struggle between the different classes against the commanders and perpetrators of these crimes.

A large proportion of political prisoners were women. Women who fought in mass uprisings to overthrow the Shah's regime and build a new society in which men and women are free and equal and there is no oppression and exploitation. Women who stood against the Khomeini's reactionary decree of compulsory veil and the entire newly empowered theocratic regime proved they don’t give up by organizing the largest women's demonstrations in Iran's history on March 8, 1977, against the decree of compulsory veil. Many of these women were imprisoned and subjected to the most intense medieval torture, even gave their lives but did not wear hijab, the symbol of women's slavery. By resisting against persecution and flogging, coffins, and strappado, they did not break in the face of sexual harassment and rape and due to these resistances; the regime failed to prototype the pattern of a Muslim woman for the larger prison. But as female political prisoners fought heroically in an unjust war, women were not intimidated in the larger prison of the society, and over the course of forty years they fought in various forms against their oppression in which the compulsory hijab is at its center.

 During these forty years, the courageous and powerful presence of women has been so evident in various struggles such as the uprising of 2009, January 2018 uprising, the uprising of this August, and so on, that even Pro-imperial media acknowledged it. The presence and propagation of the women of the ‘Revolution Street’, who unveiled the hijab, the symbol of subjugation, and used it as a flag to confront the anti-women Islamic Republic of Iran's political system, shook the ideological and political authority of the Islamic Republic and forced them to arrest and imprison and impose heavy punishment on the insurgent women in order to prevent the wide spread of this struggle

The uprising and the struggles of workers, students, women, teachers, nurses, truck drivers, national and religious minorities against the Islamic Republic regime as the main cause of poverty and misery, the future uncertainty of youth, the unimaginable increase in prostitution and addiction, rough sleeping, grave sleeping, environmental degradation, water scarcity, the sale of body organs, the sale of infants, working as a surrogate and ... has caused the legitimacy of this repressive regime to suffer a big blow that in order to save its shameful regime once again it has extensively resorted to its repressive apparatus for imprisoning and torturing and put it in position that can send a message to the fascist regime of Trump saying it can continue to rule by massacring a generation of revolutionaries as it did in 80s! But they are well aware that the outrage and hatred towards the forty-year rule of a theocratic capitalist regime have become so intensive and extensive that they can no longer intimidate people.

The fearless struggles of women against the regime’s mercenaries that bravely are crossing all the red lines and is spreading throughout towns and cities and appears in various reports and videos, reveals the surge of a spring that the Islamic Republic's regime has been trying hard to keep pressed down for years.

The January uprising of Iranian people in hundred towns and cities, the continuing struggles and uprising of this August all show that the people have no more illusion about the different factions within the regime, and rightly set the pinnacle of their struggle against the regime by chanting the slogan "reformist, conservatives, this is the end of story for both of you". Because the lack of a revolutionary alternative, some people, with the slogans in supports of the survivors and followers of the reactionary ex-Shah of Iran and also in support of the imperialists, have shown some illusion influenced by the poisonous propaganda of the Persian-speaking media associated with the imperialists. But one must insist on the fact that the crimes of the Islamic Republic regime cannot and should not cover up the function of the widespread and long-range security apparatus during the Shah’s regime. The basis of the intelligence / security apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the same as SAVAK’s and the broad security network of the Shah's regime that before the revolution sent the revolutionary youth oppositions to torture chambers and execution squads for their opposition to the Shah's regime. Let us remember that forty years ago the Islamic Republic relied on the same state apparatus that was inherited from the Shah's regime and used it to enslave women, workers, working class, toilers and all section of the people. The result of peoples’ struggles and sacrifices is not supposed to benefit once more the imperialists and their reactionary alternatives. As we have always mentioned and written the result of such a "choice" between bad and worse has been and will be ruining the lives of millions of masses of the people.

The imperialist powers supported the massive massacre of political prisoners in the 1980s and the massacre of 88 with their meaningful silence. Now, with the disclosure of this crime over the years by the families of the victims, the survivors, the radical organizations and parties, in the last few years, the imperialists are “informing” about the massacre of the 80’s and the bloody summer of 88 through their propaganda agencies, including the BBC, Manoto, the Voice of America and ... And they want by mentioning part of this unforgettable and unforgivable crime to use it for its own benefit and with the gestures of "defending human rights" , In political bargaining for their own interests, use it as a leverage of pressure on the regime of the Islamic Republic. The contradictions and proximities of the world imperialism with the Iranian government has nothing to do with the interests of the oppressed masses, and we must not allow the outcome of the people's struggles and the result of the sacrifices of the people to serve the interests of this or that reactionary imperialist power and their reactionary alternatives in Iran.

We, activists of the "Campaign to fight state, social and domestic Violence against Women in Iran", commemorate the memories of the political prisoners of the 1980s and the summer of 88 and we are aware of our responsibility to take part in a struggle to build a new society. By continuing to expose this crime for the people of the world, we will continue to fight for the release of political prisoners which will be possible by smashing the prison’s doors. We renew our commitment to all the victims by struggle for liberating the people from oppression and exploitation, and believe that the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the first step in building a society in which no one is imprisoned or punished for expressing their opinions.

The campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran

September 2018