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29 May 2020
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گزارش سازمان زنان افغانی" راوا"

گزارش سازمان زنان افغانی" راوا"!

جنگ سالاران صنوبر دختر یازده ساله را ربوده و به او تجاوز کردند

 معلوم ظفر شاه، سرکرده منطقه‌‌ای، و جنگ سالار قدرتمند محمود که هر دو به "اتحاد شمال" تعلق دارند متهم به این تجاوز هستند!

 در عکس زیر عکس مادر صنوبر یک زن بیوه که دخترش دزدیده شده و به شکل وحشیانه‌ای مورد تجاوز قرار گرفته است در یک کلیپ ویدئوئی در این باره شهادت می دهد. او ظفر شاه و محمود را متهم به دست داشتن در این جنایت میکند. آنها پس از ارتکاب این جنایت صنوبر را با یک سگ تعویض کردند. این کار نشان دهنده اوج مردسالاری خشنوت بار آدمخوارانی است که اینک در افغانستان به کمک آمریکا قدرت را در دست دارند. این دو جانور هر دو از اعضای جماعت اسلامی برهان الدین ربانی هستند که اکنون عضو لوی جرگه یا مجلس کذائی این کشور است.

در زیر می توانید ویدئو کلیب  مربوط به صحبت مادر صنوبر و عکس متهمان  را مشاهده کنید



RAWA report, November 5, 2006

Sanobar, 11-years-old girl is abducted and raped by warlords

Malom Zafar Shah, the district chief, and powerful warlord Mehmood, both from the “Northern Alliance”, are accused of this crime

Gulsha, the suffering mother of Sanobar accuses Malom Zafar (district chief) and Commander Mehmood, a local warlord, to be linked with the crime.

Movie Clip of Gulsha | More photos

Sanobar, 11-years-old daughter of Gulsha, an Afghan widow, has been abducted, raped and then exchanged with a dog by warlords in Aliabad district of Kondoz province in North of Afghanistan.

The suffering mother, while crying, says: "a month ago at 11 o'clock of night armed men entered my house and after beating and threatening me by gun, abducted my only daughter."

She accused the district chief Malom Zafar Shah and a powerful warlord Commander Mehmood to be responsible for this crime.

Gulsha says later it was found that her daughter has been raped and exchanged with a dog and a sum of money to another person but her whereabouts are still unknown.

While crying she told journalists: "I approached human rights office and police but none of them could help to find my daughter. The district chief himself has 4 daughters but he sold my daughters to others. With many difficulties and problems I grown up 2 daughters, one was previously sold [by him] to a Kandahari man and taken to Pakistan and another was exchanged with a dog. Please bring them to justice." (Movie Clip)

Both Malom Zafar Shah and warlord Mehmood are from the "Northern Alliance" and members of Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan led by Burhanuddin Rabbani (currently member of the Parliament). They have a long record of such crimes and brutalities against people of Kondoz. Malom Zafar has been appointed as district chief directly by Qasim Fahim the former defense minister and vice President and now member of Senate.

In an interview with Ariana TV, Malom Zafar rejected all charges against himself and Commander Mehmmod telling "no Jehadi brother is involved in such crimes."

Mohammad Zahir Zafari, chief of the human rights office in Kondoz says, they have tried since a month to find the child but police is also unable to do anything as powerful people have link to the crime. He also exposed that his office was threatened a number of times to stop following of the case.

Such crimes happen on daily bases in Kundoz and other parts of Afghanistan where warlords have established jungle law and have all the key positions in their possession.

Unfortunately only few of such cases find its way to the media, most journalists are too afraid to report it as it can have dangerous consequences for them.

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