Womens of 8 March Organization (Iran, Afghanistan)
Saturday 4th of April 2020
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»   The real justice is accomplished by total destruction of the Islamic Regime's killing and oppression machine! We do not forgive, nor do we forget!   September 2016
»   The only way to get justice is by destroying the oppressive killing machinery of the Islamic Republic of Iran!   September 2016
»   Women are confronting outmoded patriarch:capitalist-imperialism and religious fundamentalism!   April 2016
»   *Invitation to protest Against the trip to Belgium of Rouhani, a representive of the oppressive and misogynist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran   March 2016
»   8 March International Women's Day Organizing women's struggle against gender oppression and exploitation!   March 2016
»   Without revolutionary struggle of women, there will Not be any change!Belijem   March 2016
»   Join us to smash a dominant patriarchal system!   November 2015
»   We protest not only against Rouhani’s visit but also against the totality of the patriarchal imperialist’s system!   November 2015
»   On the 27th Anniversary of the Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran   September 2015
   No border, No nation, No gender This situation is not tolerable any more, we must start a dynamic fight!   June 2015
»   Women Of The World Unite:to smash the patriarchal imperialist system and the religious fundamentalist!   February 2015
»   On the occasion of November 25th, the International Day to protest Violence Against Women:   November 2014
»   Kobani s women fight on the front line against rape and sexual slavery!   October 2014
»   Reyhaneh’s Death sentences an approach to consolidate the subjugation of women!   October 2014
»   Holding high the slogan “we will not forget nor forgive”, It is necessary to build the future!   August 2014
»   We are standing by our Palestinian sisters!   August 2014
»   To all feminist and anti racist organizations and activists in Europe and around the world:   May 2014
   Women are confronting outmoded patriarchy: Capitalist-imperialism and religious patriarchy- Belgium   March 2014
»   Women are confronting outmoded patriarch: capitalist-imperialism and religious fundamentalism!   February 2014
»   On the Occasion of 25 November 2013   November 2013
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