فراخوان به عمل متحد/ به راهپیمایی کارزار زنان در سه کشور آلمان، هلند و بلژیک در ۸ مارس 2019 بپیوندید!     Womens of 8 March Organization (Iran, Afghanistan)
Wednesday 12th of December 2018
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»   Women of the world, unite to end violence against women!-KarZaar   November 2018
»   On the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners   September 2018
»   The presence of women in the forefront of the upsurge is promising!   August 2018
»   Women’s struggles against compulsory Hijab in Iran will pave the way for deepening the struggle against oppression and exploitation!
    Without revolutionary organizations, and without struggle for women’s freedom and equality, a new society in which all the people are free from oppression and exploitation cannot be created.
  April 2018
»   Support women's struggles against compulsory Hijab in Iran!   February 2018
   Support the struggles of Iranian women against the compulsory veil! / Control over my body is MY right! NOT the states, nor religion, nor anyone else!   February 2018
»   Call for taking action in support of the Iranian people’s fights – Brussels Friday 5th January 2018   January 2018
   Controlling my body is MY right! NOT the states, nor religion, nor anyone else!   November 2017
»   Break the chain of violence against women in such a way that no force could ever be able to restore it   November 2017
»   Reclaim not only the night, but the control of our bodies from patriarchy!   November 2017
»   The struggle for abortion right is a class struggle!   October 2017
»   Justice Can be achieved only by Overthrowing Islamic Regime of Iran! / On the 29th Anniversary of the Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran   September 2017
»   Why should we not take part in the election?   May 2017
»   A call to protest Against the Visit of Trump, the fascist representative of capitalist-imperialist regime of USA to Brussels   May 2017
»   poster1mei2017   April 2017
»   The first of May the day of struggle and international solidarity against capitalist imperialism   April 2017
»   Viva the powerful presence of women who stood up against fascism!   March 2017
»   We can and we must stay in the streets until we take Trump/Pence's fascist government down!   February 2017
»   We will be out to the streets on 20th January!   January 2017
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