دادگاهی در پاکستان، آزمایش بکارت را غیرقانونی اعلام کرد.     Womens of 8 March Organization (Iran, Afghanistan)
Sunday 28th of February 2021
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»   March 8, International Women's Day against Gender Oppression!   February 2021
»   No to the ownership of woman’s body!   November 2020
»   Stop Execution of the Political Prisoners in Iran!   July 2020
»   International Call: On March 8, The International Women's day, The day of struggle to serve fulfill our dream for Freedom and Emancipation! / karzaar-zanan   February 2020
»   The contradictions between the U.S fascist regime and the criminal Islamic regime of Iran, has nothing to do with the interests of the people!   January 2020
»   The real tribute to those who lost their lives is to continue the struggle to revolutionary overthrow of the criminal regime of Iran!   December 2019
»   The interconnected chain of women's struggle and resistance around the world, will break down the systematic violence against women!   November 2019
»   The military invasion of Kurdistan Syria, by the fascist state in Turkey, is condemned!   November 2019
»   The revolutionary mass struggles, will pave the way to smash the prison doors and free the political prisoners!   August 2019
»   We struggle tirelessly to free all political prisoners!   August 2019
»   No to islamic regime of Iran, No to any intervtion USA in Iran!   June 2019
»   1st of May the International Workers Day Is the Day of Struggle against Oppression and Exploitation- Kaarzaar   May 2019
   1st of May the International Workers Day, Is the Day of Struggle against Oppression and Exploitation   April 2019
»   This message was delivered in front of the U.S Embassy in Brussel on 8th March 2019, by : Mahsa Rojan   March 2019
»   To all freedom lovers-Agitation-3 kaarzaar   March 2019
»   Statement Number 3 - Countdown to the outburst that is on the way- karzaar   February 2019
»   Burned Plan, a show of desperate Islamic Regime of Iran!   February 2019
»   Statement Number 2 - A Call on all fighting forces to make a lasting work of art in radical women’s movement   January 2019
»   Women of the world, unite to end violence against women!-KarZaar   November 2018
»   On the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners   September 2018
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