گرانی بنزین و خشم توده ها!     Womens of 8 March Organization (Iran, Afghanistan)
Thursday 12th of December 2019
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»   The interconnected chain of women's struggle and resistance around the world, will break down the systematic violence against women!   November 2019
»   The military invasion of Kurdistan Syria, by the fascist state in Turkey, is condemned!   November 2019
»   The revolutionary mass struggles, will pave the way to smash the prison doors and free the political prisoners!   August 2019
»   We struggle tirelessly to free all political prisoners!   August 2019
»   No to Islamic regime of Iran, No to any Intervention of USA in Iran! NOT IN OUR NAME !
    Trump and his regime are anti-women and are against the masses of people in Iran and around the world.
  June 2019
   1st of May the International Workers Day, Is the Day of Struggle against Oppression and Exploitation   April 2019
»   This message was delivered in front of the U.S Embassy in Brussel on 8th March 2019, by : Mahsa Rojan   March 2019
»   To all freedom lovers-Agitation-3 kaarzaar   March 2019
»   Statement Number 3 - Countdown to the outburst that is on the way- karzaar
    Why on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of women’s struggle? Why the advancement of women’s movement can not be limited to women and the women’s movement? Why and how to join the international women movements? Why the international solidarity is needed? Why to struggle against compulsory Hijab?
  February 2019
»   Burned Plan, a show of desperate Islamic Regime of Iran!
    Sepideh has righteously pointed at the Islamic regime: “we were just two, if you force the 5000 workers of the factory by torture to confess in front of camera, the fact that you are cruel and corrupt will still remain....
  February 2019
»   Statement Number 2 - A Call on all fighting forces to make a lasting work of art in radical women’s movement
    “The Campaign to fight violence against women in Iran”, which started two years ago, intends to organise 3 days march on March 8, International Women\'s Day in 2019 in three European cities in Hamburg (March 6th), The Hague (March 7th) and Brussels (March 8th)...
  January 2019
»   Women of the world, unite to end violence against women!-KarZaar   November 2018
»   On the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners   September 2018
»   The presence of women in the forefront of the upsurge is promising!   August 2018
»   Women’s struggles against compulsory Hijab in Iran will pave the way for deepening the struggle against oppression and exploitation!
    Without revolutionary organizations, and without struggle for women’s freedom and equality, a new society in which all the people are free from oppression and exploitation cannot be created.
  April 2018
»   Support women's struggles against compulsory Hijab in Iran!   February 2018
   Support the struggles of Iranian women against the compulsory veil! / Control over my body is MY right! NOT the states, nor religion, nor anyone else!   February 2018
»   Call for taking action in support of the Iranian people’s fights – Brussels Friday 5th January 2018   January 2018
   Controlling my body is MY right! NOT the states, nor religion, nor anyone else!   November 2017
»   Break the chain of violence against women in such a way that no force could ever be able to restore it   November 2017
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